DevOps Engineer

Duane Leem

With over two decades in IT, I've been a key resource in managing complex systems and developing diverse software applications. Specialized in Software Engineering and Project Management, my career showcases a rich timeline of milestones that reflect my expertise in the IT landscape.

About me

Beginning in the year 2000, I have been an instrumental resource for both business associates and clientele, skillfully managing intricate systems and networking architectures, as well as crafting a diverse array of software applications. My professional journey in the realm of Information Technology is particularly focused on the specialized fields of Software Engineering and Project Management.

To offer a comprehensive overview of my career milestones, I've assembled a detailed timeline that highlights my depth of experience within the IT sector.

Work experience

Senior DevOps Manager (2022 - Current)

  • Lead DevOps Engineer (2018 - 2022)
Warrior Trading, San Francisco Bay Area, CA
2018 - Present

As a Senior DevOps Engineer at Warrior Trading, I lead AWS & Kubernetes initiatives to enhance server performance. Proficient in multiple technologies, my focus is on automating software delivery through Jenkins, Ansible, and Terraform. Committed to innovation, I ensure high availability and quick deployments.

Chief Technology Officer (2014 - 2018)

  • Director of Technology (2010 - 2014)
  • Lead Web Developer (2006 - 2010)
  • Network Administrator (2006)
Staged Homes, San Francisco Bay Area, CA
2006 - 2018

As a Software Engineering Manager, I excel in orchestrating full stack development, guiding projects from inception to deployment with a strategic approach. My expertise in leveraging cloud infrastructures like AWS and Google Cloud, coupled with containerization through Docker, has driven cost efficiency and process automation at Staged Homes. My proficiency with modern JavaScript frameworks and commitment to robust back-end solutions consistently enhance scalability and performance.


Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)
International Information System Security Certification Consortium (ISC2)
Certified April 2024
πŸ”— Credential Certificate

Machine Learning Engineering for Production (MLOps) Specialization
Program Completion December 2022
πŸ”— Certificate of Completion

Artificial Intelligence for Trading
Program Completion April 2022
πŸ”— Certificate of Completion

Certified Kubernetes Application Developer
The Cloud Native Computing Foundation
Certified January 2021
πŸ”— Certificate of Completion

Cloud & DevOps: Continuous Transformation
MIT Professional Education
Program Completion August 2020
πŸ”— Certificate of Completion

AWS Certified DevOps Engineer - Professional
Amazon Web Services
Certified February 2019
πŸ”— Certificate of Completion

Master of Science in Information Technology Management
Golden Gate University, Ageno School of Business
Graduated 2014
πŸ”— Master's of Science Degree


Discover the proficiencies that allow me to bridge technology teamwork and innovation.

CI/CD Pipelines

Safely automate the transition of code from development to production.


Build microservices to fortify our application architecture and meet organizational objectives.


Manage Kubernetes clusters to deliver scalable, resilient, and high-performance solutions

Serverless Architecture

Leverage serverless technology to minimize infrastructure overhead and accelerate time-to-market.

Terraform Cloud Solutions

Architect cloud infrastructures using Terraform to align with organizational scalability and security goals.

Agile Project Management

Drive Agile Project Management initiatives to enhance team productivity and fulfill organizational goals.

E-Commerce Platforms

Manage e-commerce stability and payment security across organizational platforms.

Integrate Marketing Platforms

Seamlessly integrate key marketing platforms like Marketo, Salesforce, and ClickFunnels with core organizational systems.


Champion the organization's adaptability to technology changes, focusing on agility and business alignment.

Project Highlights

Successfully navigating through complex project lifecycles, each initiative moved from ideation to completion. Leveraging Agile methodologies and DevOps practices, and benefiting from cross-functional team collaboration, every project met or exceeded quality and timeline expectations. This section showcases these accomplishments.

Kubernetes WordPress
Making WordPress Scalable


To enhance security and scalability during peak traffic, I've transformed WordPress components into immutable structures, significantly boosting server resilience against DDoS attacks and ensuring high uptime, thereby increasing profitability through reliable user access.


As a DevOps Engineer, I spearheaded the development of a comprehensive proof of concept, crafting vital components such as CI/CD pipelines, WordPress plugins, and firewall configurations, seamlessly integrating them through meticulous programming.

Marketo Integration
Elevating Our E-Commerce Experience


We've expertly integrated Marketo across our website, including the cart, checkout, and e-commerce platform, to deliver an unparalleled educational experience for our customers, enhancing engagement and streamlining their journey.


As the lead on the Marketo integration, I skillfully utilized technologies like Kubernetes, Python, and Ansible, employing iterative project management methodologies. This strategic approach ensured the seamless incorporation of Marketo across our platform, culminating in the successful delivery of a robust final product to the organization.

Project Genesis
Redefining the Online Shopping Journey.


To enhance customer decision-making and UX, we've meticulously upgraded our entire checkout process, offering a smoother, more intuitive journey. This refinement includes an expanded range of payment options like Klarna and PayPal, tailored to best suit our clients' diverse day trading needs and preferences.


I led the project, adeptly managing stakeholder expectations and clearly communicating technical requirements. By developing detailed functional specifications, I coordinated the project's many intricate components, steering it to successful and timely completion. My approach showcased an ability to navigate complex operational environments effectively.

Client testimonials

Discover what clients have to say about their experiences working with me.

" Duane was very resourceful and highly motivated when working the Help Desk at Vodafone. All the internal customers loved how patient and personable he was over the phone when assisting them with their issues. Duane was able to handle multiple tasks and was always willing to work outside his job responsibilties. If he didn't know an answer he would do the research to find it. I highly recommmend him as a valued employee. "

Sharen Hamasaki

Sharen Hamasaki

Sr. Systems Engineer | Vodafone

" I highly recommend Duane Leem for his exceptional tech skills and leadership abilities. As the past Toastmasters Division B Director, I have had the pleasure of working closely with Duane in his role as one of my Area Directors for 2021-2022. During that time Duane was an invaluable asset, a great team player, extremely reliable and proved to be an important member... "

Joanne's Full Testimonial

Joann Bradley, DTM

Joann Bradley, DTM

Co-Chair | Toastmasters D57 Speakers Bureau

" There are not enough Great words to describe Duane Leem and his extraordinary talented work. I hired Duane many years ago to work with me in my California office to build my Stagedhomes official website in the early 2,000s years. And Build it he did. His care, openness, talent and knowledge were outstanding and grew to be Totally AMAZING. "

Barb's Full Testimonial

Barb Schwarz, Inventor of Home Staging

Barb Schwarz

Inventor of Home Staging & Staging Industry

" Duane was an excellent project manager at Novactive, conscientious and organized, he is someone you can count on. He is resourceful and highly motivated, always willing to do things right, he carefully managed clients to always find a way to get the job done. Fast learner and detail oriented, his technical skills coupled with his agile pragmatic approach helped a lot on projects we were on. I would not hesitate to endorse him to anyone requesting this. "

Alex Foster Image

SΓ©bastien Morel

Chief Technology Officer | Crystallize

" Duane is enthusiastic about his work and always makes himself available to his colleagues. He's helpful, knowledgeable and a great problem solver. He's able to take on multiple projects at a time and goes out of his way to accomplish them in a timely manner. It was a real treat to work with Duane! "

Michelle Galvez Image

Michelle Galvez

Marketing Manager | Staged Homes

" I am writing to highly recommend Duane Leem for his exceptional technical assistance in developing the Toastmasters District 57 Speakers Bureau website. Duane has been an invaluable asset to the project, consistently demonstrating his deep understanding of web development and his dedication to producing high-quality work. "

Gary's Full Testimonial

Gary McKinsey Image

Gary McKinsey, EA

Chair | Toastmasters D57 Speakers Bureau

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Brentwood Tech MeetUp on 2023-09-13

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Testimonial by Gary McKinsey

Testimonial by Gary McKinsey

Endorsing Duane Leem for his stellar work on Toastmasters District 57's website - a true tech wizard and team player.